COPA Flight 165

The Lac La Biche Flying Club

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Lac La Biche Flying Club – Copa Flight# 165 May Meeting May 25th, 2020

Members in attendance, Oriana K, Jordan G, Paul G, Steve P, Gerald W, Dale G, Ken Z, Boyd H, Claude E, Ken W, Adam G & Special Guest Dave McPhee with Lac La Biche County

1.0 Meeting called to order at 19:07 by Oriana K. Review & open agenda to additions- no additions brought forward. Motion to accept agenda by Jordan G, second by Steve P. Motion carried

2.0 Review & Open Additions to Agenda. Motion to accept additions to agenda by Jordan G. second by Paul G. Motion carried.

3.0 Acceptance of Agenda. Motion to accept agenda by Dale G. second by Adam G. Motion carried.

4.0 Presentation by Dave McPhee (Manager of Transportation Service for LLB County) – Airport Masterplan Study

5.0 Review of LLB Ice Fly-in. 108 aircraft over 2 days to set a new record. Small incident to review regarding sign falling over and a near miss with a child at the event. Resoution to transition from wood sign to banner on the ice. Wood Sign can be mounted on the snow away from people.

6.0 2020 Events

  • Covid is effecting us. Cancellation of June’s Copa for Kids
  • Coffee & Donuts Fly-in at CYLB June 7th or June 14th (Whichever is not the Bonnyville Fly-in Breakfast date)
  • Oriana’s Farm Fly-in set for Sunday, Sept 20th, 20202

7.0 Courtesy Car Update- Motion brought forward by Ken Z. to cancel the courtesy car program due to rising costs with regards to the repairs of the aging car. Second Jordan G, motion carried. Plan to sell car this summer.

8.0 Member BBQ. Plan brought forward to start an annual members BBQ as a benefit to the members. Plan for 1st Annual BBQ for end of June 2020 at Dale Gauthier's Residence

9.0 Treasurers report by Paul Gauthier – See report (Members Only)

Motion for acceptance of treasury report by Gerald W., second Dale G, motion carried.

10.0 Meeting Adjourned 20:38