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In February 2024 join an exclusive group of pilots who have the distinction of having landed on the ice strip on Lac La Biche Lake. The ICE PILOTS! This opportunity presents only once per year (subject to ice conditions) during our town’s annual Festival of Speed.

This unique experience is not to be missed – full stop!

So what can you expect? Closer to the event we will release all the information you will need to participate but some elements of our event are consistent including:

  • A well marked runway. Spruce trees and orange garbage bag indicators are your guides.

  • Marshalls guide you on the apron to park your plane.

  • Complimentary hot beverages and food are served up. There are even wieners for roasting on our bonfire! (Vegan or Vegetarian? We have you covered.)

  • Portable washrooms on site as well as an enclosed trailer for anyone wanting to warm up inside.


There is also the FESTIVAL OF SPEED to take in where competitors take to the ice with their cars and motorcycles! A trappers booth as well as ice sculpting are also features of this long standing tradition. Tickets for the festival of speed are $10 for any pilots and or passengers that want to go check out the races, events, and booths.

Send us an email (with the words ICE PILOTS in the body of the message) so you don’t miss a single update.


Upcoming Events

Lac La Biche Ice Fly-In

Date: FEBRUARY 24 & 25 , 2024

See a video of an ice landing at Lac La Biche Ice Fly-In

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