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COPA Flight 165

Lac La Biche Flying Club – Copa Flight# 165 Annual General Meeting September 21st, 2020

Members in attendance, Oriana K, Jordan G, Dale G, , Paul G, Gerald W, Adam G, Claude E, Ken, Z, Dan H, Willy M, & Boyd H.

1.0 Meeting called to order at 18:59 by Oriana K. Review & open agenda to additions- no additions brought forward. Motion to accept agenda by Ken Z, second by Gerald W. Motion carried

2.0 Review 2019 AGM minutes. Acceptance of Minutes. Motion to accept minutes by Jordan G. second by Claude E. Motion carried.

3.0 Business arising from last AGM – none brought forward

4.0 Treasurers report by Paul Gauthier – See report

Motion for acceptance of treasury report by Gerald W., second Boyd H, motion carried.

5.0 Society Annual Return was filed on July 31st 2020, AGM must be held before October 1st each year.

6.0 Motion for Membership fees to remain at $50.00 per member by Ken Z, second by Boyd H., Motion carried. Membership fees are due before September 30th, 2020.

7.0 Nomination of Officers for another 3 year Term President : Oriana K VP/ Secretary: Jordan G Treasurer: Paul G

8.0 Updated Member list available on our website

9.0 Year in Review

-Oriana’s fly in drew 15 planes, - 10th Ice Fly-in was a huge success with 108 aircraft; Copa for Kids was a cancelled due to covid-19.

10.0 Year Ahead

i.-Oriana’s Farm Fly-meet will be an annual event

ii.-Ice Fly-In Festival of Speed is still a go February 27th & 28th, 2021

iii.- Possible Donut & Coffee Fly in this fall

iv. Copa for Kids June 13th, 2020

v.- Ideas to add pictures and flight club details to local terminal

vi-Possibility of adding a radio in terminal

10.0 Meeting Adjourned 19:45